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ananas llc
Your Dining, Facility and Business Services Specialists
Facility Management
Contact our office at 610.621.4442 or info@ananasllc.com
PO Box 4441 Mt Penn  PA 19606 www.ananasllc.com  All rights reserved Updated 2016
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ananas llc will create a working environment that inspires all team members to fulfill their commitments, to act kindly, and to contribute to the success of your residents and community.

We provide your facility leadership with the resources and atmosphere needed for them to succeed, and for your community to thrive.  This includes providing:
one-on-one training; continuous development; a safe work environment; climate open to new ideas; and a link to life-long learning.

Service areas include:  Housekeeping, Maintenance, Laundry, Grounds, Security, and Transportation.