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Strategic Planning
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Planning is a critical component of good management and business success.  Most organizations understand annual goal setting and a program-focused work plan.  But, the real long term rewards come from planning beyond the next year or two and addressing future dynamics. ananas brings a portfolio of planning questions:

  Where are you now? ananas conducts an audit of the marketplace to assess threats and opportunities
   •  What s important to your business? ananas assists you in focusing your effort on "where you want your organization to be over time.   It's all about a focused direction.
   •  What are you trying to achieve? ananas aids you to clearly define the expected objectives and address your priority concerns
   •  Who is accountable? ananas supports you in getting results: action plans, budgets, communication, human capital and timelines

We review and monitor, along with your team, to assure success.  We'll schedule formal reviews and refine the process as needed